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We produce and distribute an extensive line of products from reclaimed lumber. Floors, beams and stair components are our specialty. Select your product and start living or working in a Classic Antique Pine environment.
Reclaimed Pine Lumber

Some information on reclaimed, antique wood

Reclaimed lumber as we know it today is wood that has been salvaged from various structures, such as old barns, factories and warehouses that were commonly built with wood during the 1800's and earlier. The preferred wood during this time period was from longleaf pine, also known as southern yellow pine, longleaf yellow pine, or heart pine. Longleaf pine is mostly found in the southeast United States along the coastal plain from eastern Texas to Virginia and was once considered to be the most sought after tree in America.

As times changed in our country, steel became became an alternative building material. As a result the old barns, factories, and warehouses of long ago were left behind. This started the process of removing timber and decking in these old structures and reclaiming this precious antique pine wood. Within the past 20 years, builders, architects, designers, and others have coined the phrase, "Reclaimed Antique Pine". Antique pine's appearance, durability, and most recently its contribution to "green" building have increased its demand.

Understanding Wood

Antique Pine Wood Flooring
Natural Beauty

Wood is a natural material inherently containing distinctive differences in grain and color configurations. These subtle, natural differences create the beauty, warmth and individuality of each product offered by Classic Antique Pine Products.

Unique and Individual

The room scenes and photography on this site are intended as a visual guide. Each product is unique and your Classic Antique Pine Product may vary in actual color or grain pattern.